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Donors & Surrogates Overseas is an agency under the laws of the State of Florida, United States. We have different international surrogacy programs for you. We also have egg donors from different countries for your project. We assist families that have a powerful desire to be parents, if they already are, to expand their family. For this they require either egg donors, or a surrogate. We guide and support intended parents throughout the surrogacy process. We put intended parents in touch with the most important IVF centers in each country and city. The best medical professionals, psychologists, lawyers, who will accompany the intended parents throughout the surrogacy process, each one in their specialty. We are a small agency, so we can give intended parent dedicated attention, a network of professionals, agencies, and centers that we know personally and with whom we work every day. We speak your language, and we know the places where we develop our programs. We tell you the assets and the dangers of each place. There is not a perfect place for everything, however we can indicate the closer place to the best surrogacy journey. Contact us and tell us what your project is, let us guide you through this wonderful surrogacy journey ibn different countries What make us different, you have everything in a unique place, egg donors, surrogates, international transportation. The best IVF clinics the best professional network. We go along with you until you return home with your baby

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Nosotros lo guiamos en el camino de la donación de gametos, así como en el de gestación por sustitución. Lo acompañamos paso a paso, para que usted solo se preocupe de lo mas importante, en su hijo por nacer.

Dentro de las técnicas de fertilización asistida, la gestación por sustitución o como se suele llamar, maternidad subrogada..

Contamos con donantes de óvulos de diversas nacionalidades y procedencias, que usted puede ver en nuestro sitio web.

Transportamos en mano y con contendores especialmente diseñado para llevar embriones y gametas, fabricados en Estados Unidos

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Las familias LGBTQ son bienvenidas en nuestra agencia.