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International transportation ,eggs, sperm, and embryos

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We transport by hand-carry with cryogenic shipping containers manufactured in the United States specially designed your cryopreserved eggs, sperm, and embryos. The container holds up to three liters of nitrogen and maintains a temperature of minus 190 degrees Celsius for approximately 20 days. the tank  has continuous monitoring 

The IVF medical center/egg bank, where the material is stored, put the straws in our tank with a seal. If it is opened upon customs request in the airport, another seal is placed instead.


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The temperature  of the container is recorded in an electronic device that reports from the moment the tank is loaded and closed, until the clinic that receives the container. This information is at your access since the report shows and records the temperature from door to door.

The container does not travel in any special compartment, since it can tip over, it is storage all the time between the legs of the person carrying it or the windows and the legs.

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There are 6-liter containers, for which you must get a separate ticket, however in our experience, any strong turbulence could affect it, since the seat belt does not serve to properly tie it to the chair and we cannot invade with another belt the back of the rear seat. It is true that many companies bring these larger containers to save money, but we do not. We prefer small containers, better to transport and safer


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Customs procedures are usually slow, but we have the experience and the necessary patience to pass all controls correctly, considering that the material cannot be exposed to x-rays and must meet IATA rules.


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We will tranport door to door your frozen embryos, sperm, gametes, frozen donor eggs and oocytes. They will arrive safe. Contact us 


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